In RimWorld, the Zone/Area system is a system that allows player to mark a group of map tiles to define which area they want to do a specific organization.


Zone Edit

Zone is a group of map tiles that are marked by players. Zone used for defining which area to organize. And areas that are mark with the Zone function will have a little function to control according to which zone they are marked. However, the Zone cannot overlap with the other zone.


Stockpile zone Edit

Stockpiles is a zone that players mark to store items and goods. They have an option to select specific combination types of items to store in one zone.

Dumping stockpile zone Edit

Dumping stockpile is basically the same compare with stockpile, but it default option to store item is debris and corpse. However, it still can be selected to act like a normal stockpile zone.

Growing zone Edit

Growing zones allow players, that have colonists with growing job assigned, to tell them where they should start planting.

Delete zone Edit

This is a function that used for deleting zone. Allow players to move or shape their zones.


Area Edit

Area acts like an invisible layer that just defines an area that are marked by players. For instance, home area and no roof area.

Home area Edit

Home is area that colonists will settle down. Colonists will not do things like firefighting if a fire area is outside the Home area.

Build roof area Edit

Build roof is area that need to build roofs. Colonists with building job will come to build roofs in this area if they don’t have any jobs that are more important assigned. In the Home area build roof area will be auto activated.

No roof area Edit

No roof is area that must not have roofs. No roof area will make colonists with building job come to destroy it if there are roofs exist.

Snow clear area Edit

In this game, most areas in the world will have snow in the winter season. Snow clear will make colonists come to get rid of snow in the selected area.

Allowed Area Edit

Allowed area will restrict selected colonists to not do any activities outside the selected area. This function is related to the Restriction menu that can organize which colonists or animals can go in which areas.