Smokeleaf Joint is a drug in RimWorld, and typically the first drug a player can create ingame, as it requires no penoxcyline, and can be made in a crafting spot.

To make a smokeleaf joint, a player must simply plant a Smokeleaf plant, and once it is harvested, the leaves can be turned into a Smokeleaf Joint.

Effects Edit

Smoking a Smokeleaf Joint causes the user to feel relaxed, and in ingame stats gives the following effects:

  • Pain -20%
  • Conciousness -30%
  • Moving -30%
  • Hunger rate x130%

Next to this, Smokeleaf also has a mood effect, "High on Smokeleaf", wich adds 15 to mood.

Trivia Edit

  • The Smokeleaf Joint's real life equivelant is marijuana, wich has similar effects.
  • Just as with the real life equivelant, a colonist cannot overdose on Smokeleaf.
  • Smokeleaf tolerance can cause Carcinoma in the lungs.