"A slow-growing plant which yields herbal medicine when harvested. Healroot was selectively bred for centuries by settlers. It is sometimes also called "healer's hand" by tribespeople - a nickname it owes to it five major medicinal virtues" - In-game desc

Usage Edit

The Healroot is a plant that you can make medicine naturally, however this takes a very long time.

Name Attributes Beauty Fertility Requirement Flammability Growing Time Life Span Light Requirement
Healroot Harvestable, Limited Lifespan 1 50% 80% 6.5 19.5 50%
Max Hit Points Minimum Growing Skill to Sow Nutrition
85 8 0.05

Trivia Edit

  1. The only plant that can make "Herbal Medicine".
  2. Can be grown in "Growing Zone" or Hydroponics.