"This fragile mushroom was genetically engineered to produce a silk net of the highest grade. Long rumored to have mystical properties, it owes its name to the greed it inspires in people." - In-game desc

Usage Edit

The Devilstrand Mushroom is a "plant" that can be unlocked by researching "Devilstrand". When harvested, it yields fibers that can be used as a substitute for Cloth and Animal Skins.

Name Attributes Beauty Fertility Requirement Flammability Growing Time Life Span Light Requirement
Devilstrand Harvestable, Limited Lifespan -1 50% 80% 22.5 67.5 50%
Max Hit Points Minimum Growing Skill to Sow Nutrition
85 10 0.05

Trivia Edit

  1. Some do not recommend growing Devilstrand Mushroom, since it takes a very long time to grow.
  2. The only "Plant" that can only be planted by researching it.